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Music to the ears

EDUambience is a company founded in 2021 whose mission is to renew the soundscape of learning. 

Our pedagogical background music service for schools and kindergartens is based on the scientifically studied effects of music.


We want to enhance every school and kindergarten with a sound environment that improves well-being and the conditions for learning.

Our team

Mikko Hömmö.png

Mikko Hömmö

  • LinkedIn

CEO, Head of pedagogy

Matias Taivainen.png

Matias Taivainen

  • LinkedIn

Executive Producer

Mari Tervaniemi.png

Mari Tervaniemi

  • LinkedIn

Head of Research

Visa-Pekka Mertanen.png

Visa Mertanen

  • LinkedIn

Head of Music Composing

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